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A closer look at amalgam (silver) fillings

Amalgam fillings can work well, however, over time they crack the tooth around the filling. The material expands and contracts at a different rate than your tooth and acts very much the same way that ice in a pothole does. In the photos below, you can see cracks forming in the tooth around the filling.

X06442_2 X06442_4 X06442_3

It’s very common for pieces of the tooth to eventually break off after they crack. Below are some pictures of cracks that have formed under the older fillings.

cracked tooth X03185

A proactive measure can be taken by replacing the amalgam filling before it breaks the tooth. Composite (tooth colored) fillings can be a great replacement if there is enough healthy tooth structure left and if there is no significant cracking below the filling. Composite fillings bond to the tooth, adding strength and increasing the integrity, while also allowing more of the natural tooth to remain. Crowns are sometimes the best alternative, especially when the filling is very large or if the cracking/breakage has compromised the tooth. Crowns surround the tooth and provide a protective covering over the prepared tooth beneath it. Both are more aesthetically pleasing because they also match the color of the surrounding teeth.

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Dental Benefit FAQs

We know that dental benefits can seem confusing for patients. Click HERE for a list of FAQs and other information that might help you understand your benefits. We will help you maximize your benefits.

You can also contact your insurance company directly with questions you might have about your own specific plan coverage. b22e63fe51502dfbd4be71458ab2e679



Here’s what some of our patients are up to!

Recently, two of our patients shared the news of their published works with us. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate their accomplishments and share with you.

Andrew K.F. Amelinckx authored Gilded Age Murder & Mayhem in the Berkshires.

“From axe murders to botched bank jobs, author Andrew Amelinckx dredges up the forgotten underbelly of the Berkshires with unforgettable stories of greed, jealousy and madness from the Gilded Age.” – Arcadia Publshing

Click here for a link to his book if you’d like to know more.

John O’Neil, retired Captain of the Pittsfield Police Department of 4o years, authored 50 Murders History of the Pittsfield Police Department.

There is a sampling of some of the cases he wrote about on his website. Click here for the link.

Congratulations on your achievements, Andrew and John! We all look forward to reading your stories!



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