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Pet Pics! A little glimpse of some of our loved ones…

Furry or “snappy”…near or far…we love the animals we get to share time with!


Mary’s friend, Snappy!


Joanne’s baby, Finn!


Heidi’s main man, Tank!

heidi and tank

Awww such love….


I don’t have a pet of my own, but I get to share time with 2 great dogs…this is my roommate’s dog, Mona. She’s 15 years young and a total sweetheart.


This is Stella…she’s my west coast pup. She is a happy cattle dog that loves to fetch. :)

Jon's...unique family...hahaha!

  Jon’s…unique family…hahaha!



Jon's furry family member, Nelly.

Jon’s furry family member, Nelly.