Well, it’s finally here!

After a much anticipated end to the cold, Spring warmth has melted the snow. As a token of our appreciation, we have been sharing a little box of bulbs with our patients at their scheduled dental appointments, to plant in their gardens. The bulbs are a Dutch Iris Mix and here are some planting suggestions for anyone with questions.

Click here for a link to Breck’s!

  • Botanical Name Iris hollandica
  • Form Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone 4-9
  • Flowering Time Late Spring – Early Summer
  • Light Requirements Full Sun;Half Sun / Half Shade
  • Flower Color Mixture of various colors
  • Flower Form Flowers are fan-shaped, with three drooping petals calles falls and three upright petals called standards
  • Foliage Type Medium green, grass-like foliage
  • Growth Rate Medium
  • Zones 4 to 9
  • Height/Habit 18-24″
  • Spread Under 6 inches
  • Planting Instructions 4″ deep and 3 – 4″ apart
  • Soil Requirements Well drained
  • Will Tolerate Clay Soil;Loamy Soil;Sandy Soil
  • Pruning After blooming, cut the withered flower at the top of the stem to prevent seed production and then allow the leaves to wither and turn brown before removing them. The green leaves provide nourishment for the bulbs.
  • Unique Characteristics Elegant blooms in rich hues of blue, purple, yellow and white. Bulbs multiply each year for an ever-expanding show in beds, borders and cutting gardens. Create a rich bouquet of these beauties for all to enjoy.