A closer look at amalgam (silver) fillings


Amalgam fillings can work well, however, over time they crack the tooth around the filling. The material expands and contracts at a different rate than your tooth and acts very [...]

A closer look at amalgam (silver) fillings2020-04-21T20:26:38+00:00

Dental Benefit FAQs


We know that dental benefits can seem confusing for patients. Click HERE for a list of FAQs and other information that might help you understand your benefits. We will help you maximize [...]

Dental Benefit FAQs2020-04-21T20:33:36+00:00

Here’s what some of our patients are up to!


Recently, two of our patients shared the news of their published works with us. We'd like to take a moment to celebrate their accomplishments and share with you. Andrew K.F. [...]

Here’s what some of our patients are up to!2016-03-08T16:43:06+00:00

Would you like to make $5 in a few seconds?


Be sure to check in with us on Facebook when you check in for your scheduled appointment and receive a $5.00 credit to your patient account! Don't forget to like [...]

Would you like to make $5 in a few seconds?2020-04-21T20:34:39+00:00

Join us on Monday, November 2nd for our cash for candy drive!


We will be collecting candy at our office on November 2nd to donate to our troops! Kids will receive $1.00 per pound (up to five pounds) for their donated Halloween [...]

Join us on Monday, November 2nd for our cash for candy drive!2015-10-31T19:48:32+00:00


murraythetherapydog "Meeting the staff so I'm ready to soothe and comfort clients during dental exams! Thanks to Dr. Jon Gotterer and his excellent staff for welcoming Murray and anxious patients [...]


Why Do I Need a Root Canal?


Has your dentist or endodontist told you that you need root canal treatment? If so, you're not alone. Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal, [...]

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?2020-04-21T20:41:33+00:00

Your Child’s Teeth Eruption Chart


Click HERE for more information on caring for your child's erupting teeth. Click on the image to enlarge.

Your Child’s Teeth Eruption Chart2020-04-21T20:41:57+00:00

Fun Home Decor Craft Ideas For Spring


In the spirit of fun and Spring, here are some ideas for 13 DIY projects at home from Organic Authority. Projects include tin can lanterns, colander planters, bike wheel garden [...]

Fun Home Decor Craft Ideas For Spring2020-04-21T20:44:02+00:00

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